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Offering calligraphy for events and special occasions in addition to a variety of calligraphy commissions. Providing beautifully hand lettered place cards and envelope addressing, adding luxury and sophistication to your special life moments and celebrations,


Unlike a computer font, handwritten calligraphy is unique and special. An entire invitation in calligraphy, a menu, envelopes, or place cards, will add a striking design detail and leave an unforgettable impression for your guests. Flowing calligraphy on an invitation will set the tone and anticipation for your event weeks in advance.  
‍  I look forward to working with you to bring your ideas and dreams to life. Please share with me your type of event, the date, and a brief description of your ideas to:


Work with me...

Working out of my home, I strive to create beautifully hand lettered items, including hand addressed envelopes and place cards, in addition to a variety of calligraphy commissions such as wedding vows, poems and other treasured keepsakes.


  • Envelope addressing
  • Place cards in a selection of styles and surfaces (not just paper!)
  • Event signage
  • Calligraphy commissions of poetry, quotations, wedding vows, certificates
  • Live Event work with luxury brands
  • Personalized gifts
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