Mary Sherman

Hi, I’m Mary Sherman. I am the heart, soul and hands behind Joyful Writing Girl Calligraphy. For me, calligraphy is a passion, it fills my need for creative expression,
and I love sharing it with others whether it be on a beautifully addressed envelope or personalized gift.

I grew up in South Carolina, and I have spent many years living in NYC, a place near and dear to my heart. Currently, I reside in Charlotte, NC, my place of birth and home for 15 years. I have been happily married for 29 years, and am the proud mother of two wonderful boys, two cats, and one very active English Pointer. I love anything involving chocolate, reading, photography, fall in NYC, tennis and walking. I also love to support local and small businesses.

I can write calligraphy on a variety of surfaces. Let's explore how we can incorporate calligraphy into your life whether for a special event or personalized gift.

Wedding Calligraphy

I love hand addressing envelopes! Set the tone of your special day weeks in advance with a beautifully hand-addressed envelope. Trust me when I say your  guests will love seeing their names written in a beautiful unique script. They will immediately feel special!

Event Calligraphy

A hand-written menu, place card, table sign, or welcome sign will instantly take your event to the next level, leaving a memorable impression for your guests.